Would you like to become one of our Affiliate Angels?

We put our heart and soul into developing our products and programmes and we are passionate about reaching as many women as possible with our work. We want to create BIG change and we want YOU to be a part of it.

That’s why we’ve created an affiliate programme – so people like you, who feel inspired by who we are and what we do, can join our team of affiliate angels, wave their magic wands and contribute to making a big difference in the lives of women everywhere!

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What do we expect from our team of Angels?

We expect our affiliate partners to believe strongly in our mission to empower ethically-minded women entrepreneurs worldwide to unleash purpose, creativity and wealth into their lives and businesses. 

We’d also prefer it if you have experienced the way we work for yourself, so you can shout out about it first-hand. That’s why we send you a surprise gift when you sign up – so that you can get a taste of what we do, if you haven’t already.

As one of our affiliate angels, we ask you to promote our work in the following ways

  • via your website and blog
  • via email blasts to your list
  • via your social media networks
  • via video or blog review

We also encourage creativity and innovation, so if you have another way you’d like to promote our work, get in touch and we’ll do our best to support your ideas.

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What is the benefit to you?

We are passionate about building genuine and authentic relationships, so you can be sure that this partnership will be a 2 way street. We will always do our utmost to support our ‘angels’ so that together, we can bring about our shared vision of doing GOOD while making decent dosh too.

In return for your support, we will give you a whopping 50% of what we earn from products or programmes you recommend.

Plus, we will support you with kick ass marketing and promotion materials designed to make it easy (and fun) for you to get the word out about about our work. That way you can start benefiting from your new income stream pronto!


To become our newest angel, all you need to do is click here and enter your details. Once you have confirmed that you want to be a part of our affiliate community, you will receive an email with all the info you need to get started making money from our products.

Here’s to adventure in business and in life!

Janine and Jo

P.s Here’s what one of our latest Ecourse participants had to say about the content of our course….

“I am not even half-way through, but already realise that this course has been a super way to put aside time to work on the heart and soul behind my business and focus on what all this is really about – creating my ideal lifestyle business and making each moment of work really count towards achieving a meaningful and purposeful direction for my creative energy.”
Stacey Vinnicombe, ArtOutLoud