Would you like to know without doubt that your business will succeed and that you are on track to have a BIG impact doing what you love?

If you’ve found your way to this page you are probably seeking a new way of aligning business and life that does GOOD and empowers you to make a decent living too. We understand that for you, leaving your day job and striking out as an entrepreneur isn’t just about making lots of money. It’s about contributing to the lives of your loved ones, doing what you are passionate about AND having the peace of mind that comes from being in control of your own destiny.

The good news is, we’re here to help you do it!

It’s time to stop feeling scared or worried that your business is going to fail. No more self-doubt, no more second-guessing yourself. 

Announcing the launch of our “Work Less, Earn More, Make a Difference” online business school.


Our “Work Less, Earn More, Make a Difference”  Online Business School will teach you the ‘golden rule’ and 7 building blocks you need to plan and implement a rock-solid strategy for your business. A strategy that will leave you feeling 100% confident you are on track for business success AND leave you plenty of time to do other things that are important to you –  like spending time with family & friends or giving back to your community, confident in the knowledge that you can provide for your loved ones AND have a positive impact on the world.

Imagine how great it would feel to have a strategy like this in place…no more confusion, fear or self-doubt, just a sense of purpose and a clear action plan!

We understand that trying to run a business, earn enough money to keep going AND battle your way through the thousands of business resources out there can really take its toll.  

Instead of providing clarity and direction, information overload often leaves you feeling confused and overwhelmed, with no idea where to start. You may even find yourself chucking your ideas into the ‘too hard’ basket, never to be seen again….what a tragedy that would be!

And while there is a lot of free business advice available online, much of it fails to take into account the demands on your time – an hour long webinar that delivers 10 mins of useful content, for example, or hours spent reading and collating information from multiple sources. Most of the free information online is also specific to a certain area of your business, when what you are really seeking is a big picture approach that provides a clear strategy AND helps you put it into action all in one go right?


Now you can get the best of both worlds! On September 17th 2012 we are kicking off our Work Less, Earn More, Make a Difference Business School.

This simple and affordable online program is designed to help GOOD women entrepreneurs like you build and implement a rock-solid business strategy that empowers you to do what you love.

12 Weeks
10 Magnificent Modules
1 Motivated Group of Women Entrepreneurs Egging You On

By the end of your time at biz school you will have a clear plan for your business that cuts through the overwhelm and provides you with a roadmap for your business success.

“My confidence is now super high! Really. I’ve gone from wishing and hoping and dreaming to just this feeling of inevitability, knowing it’s going to happen and just working out the steps to get there!”
Claire Kerslake, Loving Life with Diabetes

“We’ve recognised how aligned our business is with our personal goals and this has injected a new passion in our business which has always been lingering but never lit! I can proudly say that I’ve never been so happy about the direction the business is taking and what our business stands for than I am right now. Janine and Jo have given us the tools to enable a good business to become a great business and for that I am extremely grateful. Many thanks to you both for what you’ve done for us so far!”
Rachel Lewis, Director at KiwiOzNannies

Here’s what’s included in our biz school:

Business school course materials

  • a 60 page PDF Ebook guide containing 10 chapters to get you on the path to lifestyle business success

  • A 25 page ‘Call to Action’ workbook packed with great exercises and resources to help you apply what you are learning to your unique situation.

  • links to our pick of the most relevant free expert advice, tools and content available online


1 x Discover Your True Purpose Workshop
A 90 minute live, interactive workshop to give you an inspiration injection and get you clear on the ‘why’ behind what you do.

✔ Access to our members-only community forum
12 weeks exclusive access for feedback, support and networking


1:2:1 Forum coaching from Jo and Janine
12 weeks exclusive access to 1:2:1 coaching from Jo and Janine via our online forum

✔ 3 x 90 minute live Q&A workshops
Together we dig deeper into the content and you can ask questions or get feedback on your ideas (includes call recordings so you can listen in again at your leisure).


3-page business plan template
Fill it out as you work your way through business school and come out the other end with a short & succinct business plan!


Live interactive check-list
For tracking your progress and providing group accountability, shared with your fellow biz school members

✔ Central database of social media details
So we can help each other to spread the word about our businesses.


Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you put the work into the biz school materials and you are not satisfied with the results, we’ll give your money back.    

Join us today and you will also receive bonuses valued at over $300 US

Free One Month GOLD Membership of our Take Back Your Time Coaching Club (valued at $147)At the end of biz school you will get one month’s premium membership of our ‘Tack Back Your Time’ Coaching Club where we support you to find the time to follow-through & implement the goals you have set during biz school. Includes a live monthly call, follow up emails, forum support & a 1:2:1 phone session with Janine or Jo
  1 FREEmilestones/Strategy Critique (valued at $97US)
During biz school you will craft a set of key milestones that will keep you on-track to achieve your business goals. We’ll critique your milestones for you to make sure that your strategy is as time-efficient and business savvy as possible!

Natalie’s Sissons “Build Your Online Business” Guide (valued at $67US)
This kick ass guide by the Suitcase Entrepreneur is the perfect complement to our biz school course materials. It goes deeper into the nitty gritty of online business and is packed with tips for getting clients and making money using the internet. Our clients rave about it!

4 downloadable interviews with guest experts, sharing their expertise and tips for living off your passion.
We regularly host webinars and interviews with top business experts. We’ve picked 4 of the best to share with you here, including Maria Gamb on how to lead with purpose and authenticity, Milana Leshinsky on creating mulitiple income streams, Natalie Sisson on building an online business and Kerry-Ann Orr on the importance of outsourcing & delegation.

“Thanks so much for the [discover your true purpose] workshop yesterday! First of all, I want to validate the originality of the information. I consider myself a student of business and entrepreneurship …[and] your seminar was new information, helpful and thought provoking.  I’ve had many ideas today that I feel are a direct result of the creative side of the workshop – plus I took your advice and sat outside for an hour – it is beautiful here, to keep the channels open…away from my screen. Great job J squared!”
Jene Hullet, The Cooking Entrepreneur

Update October 2012: Biz School kicked off last month and enrolments are now closed.

But we will be opening up again in 2013 so if you want to be the first to know (and hear about our earlybird discounts) simply enter your details here:


 Be the first to know when we relaunch our Online Business School for Women Entrepreneurs.

 Simply enter your details here and you’ll be the first to hear when we open for registrations (and you’ll hear about our earlybird specials too).

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Here’s what’s we cover during biz school in more detail:


During our 12 weeks together we will…

        • introduce you to the  golden rule and 7 key building blocks you need to create a profitable business that is aligned with who you are and what is important to you.  By the end of our time together, you will have a set of milestones & a clear plan for going out and doing GOOD in the world.
        • show you how you can use your newfound clarity to attract more of your ideal clients, because if you remain unclear about what you really want or you feel confused about what your gifts are, not only will you feel hesitant, lost and unsure about what you are doing, but it will be impossible to craft a message that is going to inspire clients to work with you.
        • connect you with loads of expert advice and resources that would take you months, if not years, to pull together on your own. AND you will have access to a bunch of other inspired women entrepreneurs for feedback, networking and support.


All of this helps you get more ‘done’ when you’re working on your biz so that when it’s time to relax, you can switch off and really cherish the time you have with friends and family (without feeling worried or guilty about work!) We believe truly, madly and deeply that if you create a business that aligns with who you really are then nothing will stop you from succeeding. Are you ready for success?  

“I am continually inspired reading all the wonderful comments and input that has come from everyone in only a week. This online forum in an invaluable resource that I intend to fully embrace, albeit slightly outside of my comfort zone- but all the better for a challenge !”
Jo Guest, Mission WOW

Purposeful business planning, social media, multiple income streams, overcoming fear, online tools, relationship building, action-taking and a whole lot more….you name it, we cover it.

Here’s an outline of what’s included in our Ebook course guide to whet your appetite!

  1. How to design a lifestyle business around your true calling
  2.  The seven building blocks that will transform your business
  3.  How to start thinking like a superstar
  4.   How to create an inspired vision for your life and build a business that will get you there
  5.   How to choose a business model that empowers you to work less and earn more
  6.   Wonder Woman Back off! It’s time to accept help and support
  7.   How to spread the word about your work and attract clients like a magnet
  8.  The art of becoming someone that everyone wants to work with
  9.  How to apply these magnificent modules to your life and business
  10.  Celebrating and action taking as you move forward from biz school.
“The section on multiple incomes streams was a big eye opener for me, there were lots of different suggestions and ideas of the different avenues I could go down and different things I could try that I never would have thought of before”
Joanne Tighe, White Tiger Designs
“After nearly 8 years of owning our business, we were finally able to put down on paper our purpose, values and vision! We had over the years tried to do this this, but our work with Janine and Jo brought in our own personal beliefs and goals to work in with our business goals. We were both at ease and excited with our vision and goals because they aligned to our own personal values and where we wanted to exist within our community. I would recommend anyone who is looking to plan their business going forward to look at these tools – thanks Janine and Jo, I now have very exciting times ahead!”
Lisa Rutledge, Director at KiwiOzNannies

Why you will LOVE our MAD business school…  

Here’s 4 really great reasons why we think business school could be right for you!

  1. Our course is one of the first to combine the art of discovering your life purpose and passions with the science of making money in such a creative, fun and comprehensive way.
  2.  Our backgrounds in adventure-based learning and right-brain learning mean we approach things a little differently (be prepared to be surprised!)
  3. Our biz school offers a much deeper level of ongoing accountability and support than most (if not all) the other courses out there at a similar price and we know for a fact that implementation is something that many of you struggle with!
  4. Most importantly, our biz school digs deeper into who you are and what is important to you so that you can bring this into your business design, creating a truly fulfilling business for yourself on all levels.

We have created this course for all those women out there like us, for whom traditional business models just don’t seem to work. With the advent of the internet and all the amazing technological advances we have seen in in the last decade, there is a big shift happening when it comes to women in business, and we intend to be at the forefront of that change with our biz school!  

“I am not even half-way through, but already realise that undertaking this homegrown course has been a super way to put aside time to work on the heart and soul behind my business and focus on what all this is really about – creating my ideal lifestyle business and making each moment of work really count towards achieving a meaningful and purposeful direction for my creative energy!”
Stacey Vinnicombe, Art Out Loud
“If you are thinking about signing up for this course, then definitely come on board, you won’t regret signing up. You will have exceptional teachers in Jo and Janine as well as benefiting from a global community of like minded women entrepreneurs who are looking to be successful in business. You’ll be guided and given support as well as tools to help you move forward, from getting the idea, building your confidence and executing it!”
Sandy Sidhu, Sidekick PM

Do you know this is what YOU want?

Register your name here so you can be the first to find out when we are opening up enrolments for 2013 Business School


 Be the first to know when we relaunch our Online Business School for Women Entrepreneurs.

 Simply enter your details here and you’ll be the first to hear when we open for registrations (and you’ll hear about our earlybird specials too).

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Who are we and why should you choose our biz school over all the other resources available out there?  

Hi! We are Janine Ogg and Jo Foster, founders of Love Your Small Business and creators of the “Work Less, Earn More, Make A Difference” biz school.

We are super-excited about this opportunity to help you plan and implement a profitable lifestyle business grounded in your life purpose and passions step-by-step, in bite-sized pieces (about 2-4 hours a week to be precise!)

Together, we have 15 years experience as leaders, trainers and facilitators so we are the perfect people to take the mass of biz advice available out there on the internet and transform into achievable, bite-sized pieces for you.

We have spent the last 2 years (not to mention thousands of dollars) upskilling ourselves in the realm of social media and online marketing, learning from some of the world’s leading experts, so that we can pass on what we’ve learnt to our clients. We’ve also applied what we’ve learnt to our own business with great success.

We’ve combined these new skills with our strengths as trainers and leaders to create a fantastic program for women small business owners. We believe fully in the high quality of our content, which is why we are confident enough to offer a full money-back guarantee.

Just like you, we are women entrepreneurs doing our best to juggle myriad family and work commitments. We understand the challenges you face and like you, we want to overcome them in way that nurtures, rather than depletes, our life energy so we have  something left for ourselves and our loved ones.

We believe we have achieved a fantastic balance between personal and professional development in this ecourse and we can’t wait to share it with you!

WARMING: Our approach is NOT a quick-fix.

We’re not one of these experts that promises overnight success, so if a miracle solution is what you are seeking then you are in the wrong place! Your work with us is the start of your journey towards a profitable and fulfilling business and good results will take real time and effort on your part.  What we can guarantee is a strategy for your long-term success that is fully-aligned with who you are and what’s  important to you,  so you won’t have to compromise on the good things in life.

Can I afford this course?

We have provided great value for money thanks to the time and costs we can save by delivering via the internet. You CAN find the money to join our business school if you are truly motivated to start making changes.

How do we know this? Because we have been in the same position!

Just like you, we have had to face up to the need to invest in ourselves and our business and yes, we know that finding the money when your business isn’t making much of a profit can be tough. But we also know that if you are truly committed to your business and determined to succeed you will find the money, just like we did. No more excuses!

When you spread the cost of our course out over the 12 weeks we will spend together, it equates to a daily coffee and cake habit (about $8/day).

Is your dream life worth $8/ day? 

Perhaps the question you should really be asking yourself is “do I think I am worth it?” And of course the answer to that is YES! (and remember, we do offer a money-back guarantee so what have you got to lose?)

Will I be able to find the time to follow through and take action on what I learn?

We understand how easy it is to get caught up in the day-to-day treadmill of our lives and businesses. Yes, it can be hard to find the time to step back and look at the big picture but we assure you, it is worth it. Investing a small amount of time now going to business school is going to benefit you in the long-run, saving you time AND money .

With a clear direction and sense of purpose in what you do, you will find the time you spend working is more focused, productive and effective. The clarity and motivation you get from the biz school materials and members-community support will keep you on-track, and minimise the time you spend on irrelevant tasks!

You will need to commit  2-4 hours a week to our biz school but we have also designed our programme to be flexible…. if weekly doesn’t work for you or you are away on holiday for part of the 12 weeks, you can chunk up the work into a half-day fortnightly, one day a month or something similar that works for you and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Remember, when you sign up to biz school you also get one months free membership of our “Take Back Your Time” Coaching Club, so if time is an issue for you, this programme can help! We’ll support you to find the time during business school and at the end, you’ll have another month of  ‘take back your time’ support to follow-through and implement your new strategy!

I’m not sure it’s right for me.

You have found yourself on this page for a reason, and it’s probably because you know that there are changes you could make to improve your life and business. We back ourselves and our products 100% so if you are not happy with your experience of our business school, you will get your money-back – with no hard feelings or hassle involved!

And let’s be honest here. It doesn’t matter to us if you invest in this program or not. It DOES, however, matter to us that you MAKE A DECISION about it before you jump off this page. Please don’t let this be one more thing you need to “think about.” Nothing will keep you from your dreams faster than delaying decisions. So YES or NO, trust that and move forward. If YES, Reserve your spot and discover our strategy for a profitable AND fulfilling business.

Remember that ‘inspiration is a window that closes quickly‘, if you don’t give it a go, you will never know!

Will it be hard? 

Yes …but in a fun, inspirational kind of way!

We all know that it takes hard work to achieve something really meaningful. Our business school is also about the journey, not just the destination….at times the work may be challenging, thought-provoking or even have you scratching your head.

But you will overcome it and make progress, and we will be there to support you as you do it. To tell the truth, we think it’s going to be tough to put the biz school materials down once you get a taste of the exercises and the sense of direction and clarity they will bring!

Will it work? 

Yes, it will if you want it to. If you follow through on your commitment to the work and the exercises we lay out during biz school, you will get there. And if you put a great effort in and follow up on all the exercises but don’t have increased clarity and direction by the end of biz school, or you don’t feel a renewed sense of confidence that you are on track to a profitable business strategy, that’s what our money-back guarantee is for. It’s a win-win really!

“Janine & Jo are extremely talented and inspiring women who are doing exactly what they were born to do – inspire, improve & impact! I have known several women who has participated in different programs/coaching that they have offered and the feedback has always been extremely positive. I am currently participating in the [first round of their online biz school] and have found huge value in the course curriculum (and it’s run in such an easy/efficient way that it makes it easy for participants to get the full value even though they doing it on our own from different parts of the world.) Love these women and love their business!”
Geva Maher, KiwiOz Nannies


Thanks for your time – it’s been a pleasure to ‘meet’ you and whether you decide to join us on biz school or not, we wish you huge success in your entrepreneurial journey.

We’ll see you there!

– Janine Ogg and Jo Foster
Intrepid Kiwi Entrepreneurs and Founders of Love Your Small Business

Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens. – Carl Jung

Still not sure? Check out what our tribe of women entrepreneurs are saying about us and see if that makes a difference!

“”Finally a business planning process I can identify with – thanks for affirming my style! My business plan is a giant, colourful brainstorm on my wall that keeps me inspired and on-track, and I always felt like a business flake for doing it this way…so great to hear you advocate for this – it’s all about passion for me, not just learning how to turn it into profit.

I’ve gotten heaps out of your 5 day ecourse. I love the bite-size actions – rather than one overwhelming dump! I appreciate your commitment to action as well (rather than all talk). Your down to earth, practical style suits me well. You’ve achieved a nice balance of business savvy and inspiration, and you’ve made it all achieveable – I like it a lot”.

Kath Irvine, Edible Backyard

“Janine is a very accomplished business coach who really practises what she preaches. She is an action taker with plenty of creativity in the business world and she is enthusiastic and inspiring. Both Janine and Jo of Love Your Small Business have a passion for helping business owners to develop businesses that allow them to fulfil their purpose as well as make profit and they are definitely ‘walking the talk’ in their own business. They are also a pleasure to work with.”
Jo Dodds, Social Media Specialist at Jo Dodds Social Media
“I highly recommend Janine’s holistic approach to assisting small business owners to achieve success. The way that she has adapted the Genuine Contact tools, frameworks and approach into a unique and customizable coaching package is highly creative and guaranteed to help women who own their own small businesses to create a vision and strategy for realizing their business dreams.”
Rachel Assuncao, Founder of Awakened Wellness and Genuine Contact Program (TM) Trainer.
“”I really love the content of your website – love that you connect running a business with more than just making a profit. I agree that to be successful it’s important to define what success is to you and to take the time to discover your ‘why’….I really enjoyed your free 5 Steps You Can Take Right Now to Kick Start Your Business e-course!””
Meg Appleby, Bloom Online
Why risk finding yourself 2, 10 or even 20 years from now looking back and wondering where you went off track, or why you have never quite managed to achieve that sense of peace, happiness and fulfillment you’ve always hoped for. You can’t get that lost time back. You can take action now so that you are not wasting any more of your precious life energy on tasks that are not taking you towards your dream life.